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Dakota County and the Project Team understand that a plan supported by the stakeholders is essential to the overall success of the project. We are committed to an approach that has identified and will involve stakeholders early on in the decision-making process. We want to hear and understand all concerns and keep consistent communication with all project partners and stakeholders. Please continually utilize the online conversation tool below to share your concerns with the project team and public. Please interact with comments shared by others and check back regularly for responses from the project team!

Upcoming Public Events

Open House #2 -June 10, 2019

The second Open House will be held on Monday, June 10, at Lakeville South High School from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Please attend to review the final improvements layout and provide input on construction staging.

Check back often for details on upcoming public information and engagement opportunities!

Past Public Events

Open House 1 -December 6, 2018

Open House 1 Summary

The first Open House was held on Thursday, Dec. 6, at Lakeville South High School from 4:30-6:30 p.m. The public was invited via the open house newsletter.

A number of informational board displays were shown to the public, along with a preliminary design layout. About 45 people attended.

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Project Contacts:

Jacob Rezac
Dakota County
Phone: 952-891-7981

Zachary Johnson
City of Lakeville
Phone: 952-985-4501

Aaron Warford
Bolton & Menk
Phone: 952-890-0509

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