County Highway 21 Downtown Prior Lake Reconstruction

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13-21 Construction Overview

Highway 13 Construction Overview

What is being built?

  • Check out this video to see what is being built on County Highway 21 and the 13-21 intersection. 
  • Check the Duluth Ave website to view improvements to Duluth Ave.
  • Highway 13 work includes resurfacing and drainage improvements. Check out MnDOT’s project website for more info.

Downtown and 13-21 Intersection Construction Progress 0

Downtown Prior Lake construction begins early August

July 19, 2019

Project update

Construction is anticipated to begin in downtown Prior Lake this August. The 13-21 staging map shows the anticipated stages and schedule for each stage. Work will begin with utility work at the West Ave/County Highway 21 intersection beginning August 5. Traffic will still be maintained on County Highway 21 while this work occurs. After this work is complete, Stage 1 (County Highway 21 between West Ave and Main Ave) will begin and will be closed to all traffic. Stage 1 is anticipated to last from late August to November. Crews will then go on winter work suspension and resume the construction of Stage 2 (Highway 13/County Highway 21 intersection) in the spring of 2020.

Local access maps will be provided on the project website in the coming days. Be sure to bookmark the project website and sign up for email updates on the project website so you can stay up to date during construction!

Highway 13 Construction Progress 0

Highway 13 Update: July 18, 2019

Click here to view the Highway 13 staging map.

Staging information

  • Stage 1 includes Highway 13 from Highway 282 to just east of Vergus Ave. View the Stage 1 resident access map for the best routes for residents that live around the Stage 1 area.
  • Stage 2 includes Highway 13 from just west of 180th St to just west of Fairlawn Ave.

Project update

Stage 1

Crews continued to work on soil corrections encountered during the installation of the large storm sewer pipe. Crews also work on grading ditch areas and turn lanes. This work is anticipated to continue next week. We apologize for the delay in this area, and we appreciate your patience as the crews address this unforeseen situation. Both stage 1 and stage 2 are anticipated to reopen by early/mid-August.

Stage 2

Crews continued culvert work and began grading ditch areas. Next week, crews will work on installing culverts at driveway ends. Weather permitting, crews will begin grading the road in preparation for paving. Both stage 1 and stage 2 are anticipated to reopen by early/mid-August.

Access information

Stage 1

Stage 1 is closed to all traffic. Those who live north of Highway 13 in the Stage 1 area are asked to travel straight through the Vergus intersection for access in and out of their neighborhood. View the stage 1 & 2 access map for available routes.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is closed to all traffic except for residents or businesses with a driveway directly off Highway 13. View the stage 1 & 2 access map for available routes. Access to driveways off of Hwy 13 will be accessed through Route 2B identified in the stage 1 & 2 access map.

For the safety of the workers and yourself, please do not drive in either the Stage 1 or Stage 2 areas and use alternate routes identified in the stage 1 & 2 access map.

Stay informed

Weekly updates will be posted on the project website and sent out to those subscribed for project updates. If you have any concerns during construction, please reach out to the project email or hotline listed below. Be sure to sign up for project updates on the website at