County Highway 21 Downtown Prior Lake Reconstruction

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Moving Forward 13-21 Preconstruction Open House Video

Welcome to the preconstruction open house for the Moving Forward 13-21 project. Check out the video below to see what work was completed in 2019, what remains for 2020, and how to stay up to date throughout construction.

13-21 Roundabout Progress 0

13-21 Roundabout Progress

July 2, 2020

Check out what work remains over the final weeks of construction:

What was completed this week?

  • Crews reopened Highway 21 from West to Main
  • Crews reopened the north and south leg of 13-21
  • Crews finished irrigation installation
  • Crews continued restoration and landscape work

What work remains until the entire project area is open on (or before) July 15?

  • Finish installing signage and lighting
  • Place topsoil
  • Landscape work
  • Miscellaneous restoration

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these final weeks of construction!

Highway 13 Cleanup Work Progress 0

Highway 13 Cleanup Work

May 29, 2020

Project update

This week, the final paving was completed. Restoration and cleanup work will occur throughout the project area next week. Final striping will be completed in early June. Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this project!