County Highway 21 Downtown Prior Lake Reconstruction

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13-21 Construction Overview

Highway 13 Construction Overview

What is being built?

  • Check out this video to see what is being built on County Highway 21 and the 13-21 intersection. 
  • Check the Duluth Ave website to view improvements to Duluth Ave.
  • Highway 13 work includes resurfacing and drainage improvements. Check out MnDOT’s project website for more info.

Highway 13 Construction Progress 0

Highway 13 Update: June 13, 2019

Click here to view the Highway 13 staging map.

Stage 1 of the Highway 13 Reconstruction project began Monday, May 13, and is scheduled to last about 5 weeks. Stage 1 includes Highway 13 from Highway 282 to just past Vergus Ave. During this time, Stage 1 will be closed, and traffic will be detoured via Marschall Rd and County Road 42.

Weekly work update

This week, turn lane work occurred, as well as grading in preparation for paving. The first layer of pavement will be placed Friday, June 14, from Spring Lake Circle to just past Vergus Ave. Residents will still have access to their homes during paving, but there may be a short delay as the paving machine crosses the Vergus Ave intersection.

A large storm sewer pipe will be installed next week east of Spring Lake Circle. This will require a deep trench to be dug in order to place the new pipe. Signage, barriers, and police enforcement will be in place to prevent anyone from entering the area. For the safety of the workers and yourself, please do not drive in the stage 1 area and use alternate routes.

Resident information

Those exiting or entering their neighborhood using Vergus Ave north of Hwy 13 are asked to travel straight through the Vergus intersection and continue south—see access map. Garbage and mail pickup will continue as normal. The contractor will be working Monday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What about stage 2?

Stage 2 is expected to start later this month/early July. Advanced construction signage will be in place one week before this work begins. Residents will receive a notice at their door before work begins with more information.

Check out the Stage 1 notice and Highway 13 construction overview video for more information.

Project Updates

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Downtown and 13-21 Intersection Construction Progress 0

13-21 Downtown Update: Portions of reconstruction moving forward into 2020

The significant demand for construction work, coupled with an industry worker shortage, has reduced bidder availability for the Moving Forward 13-21 Downtown Reconstruction Project. Because of this, the bidding window for the project was extended, and the scoped construction schedule was modified to invite partial completion in 2019.

Although we will not have full information until the bids are received, we anticipate the following possible changes:

  1. Work may begin later this summer or early fall
  2. Partial completion of specific segments in 2019, with full completion in 2020, is possible

The plan and design for the project remain unchanged. The Project Management Team remains committed to build a quality, cost-effective, and timely project.

Stay informed

The project team will share more information as soon as the bidding period closes in early July. Please bookmark the project website and sign up for email updates to receive the most up to date information when it becomes available.

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