October 25, 2022

Red Wing Riverview Skyway is open!

Old West Main Street Update:

The contractor continues to make good progress week to week. All the concrete work is expected to be completed on Jackson Street and the alley this week. No other concrete work is planned until next spring to complete any warranty and/or minor repair work. The paving of the final lift of bituminous between Buchanan and Jefferson St is scheduled for this week Friday. The remaining bituminous paving in the alley and miscellaneous driveway tie-ins is anticipated late next week to allow sufficient cure time for the new concrete placed within the alley. The striping of the parking stalls between Jefferson and TH 61 (Main St) was successfully completed last week and all permanent signing is scheduled to be installed this coming Monday. The energizing of the lights west of Jefferson is still anticipated in the next couple of weeks. All the conduit is in place, the contractor just needs to finish pulling the wire and then hook everything up. The remaining wood benches, wooden light poles, kiosk, and entry monuments at the intersection of TH 61/ Main St are still in production and anticipated to be installed later this fall.

Also, starting next week the contractor’s subconsultant Terracon out of Rochester, MN will be completing the post construction building condition survey. This survey is planned to include all items inspected during the preconstruction survey to document any observed changes.


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