May 13, 2022

Red Wing Riverview Skyway is open!

Red Wing Riverview Skyway “Pedestrian Bridge” Update:

The parking area at the bridge entrance on Levee Road is ready for use for additional Old West Main St parking and business access.

Old West Main Street Update:

This past week the project received some rain, but the Contractor was still able to successfully complete the testing on the new watermain. Starting next week, the Contractor plans to install the new sewer and water services along Old West Main between Jefferson and Washington St. The plan is to complete all the services on the north side first and then complete the south side last. Immediately following successful completion of the services, the Contractor plans to finish the new storm sewer in the Washington St intersection working west towards Jefferson. Based on the above schedule, the intersection of Jefferson St will remain open for all of next week and likely another full week after that. Additional information and updates on any traffic control changes will continue to be provided as part of each week’s newsletter.


The most recent project update was sent out on Friday, May 13th. The next project update will be sent out on Friday, May 20th. Si te gustaría recibir estas últimas noticias de la semana en español, por favor envié un correo electrónico a Michelle Leise a

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