City of Waconia Downtown Reconstruction Project

Project Overview

What is the Downtown Reconstruction Project?

The Waconia Downtown Reconstruction Project will improve the streets, utilities, pedestrian facilities, and drainage of the downtown area. The project will be constructed in two parts:

  • Phase 1 –  two blocks of Main Street and one block of Olive Street
  • Phase 2 – three blocks of Main Street and one block of Elm Street, Pine Street, and Spruce Street

Below is a map of the project area as well as a larger map including the previous projects completed from 2013 through 2020 as a part of the Downtown Master Plan. The final project areas are not final and may change during the upcoming planning and design phases of the project.

Improvements include:

  • Removing and replacing the roadway, parking, adjacent sidewalks, and the underlying public utilities
  • Replacing and expanding the storm sewer / drainage system
  • Implementing storm water treatment items
  • Replacing and improving the street lighting
  • Incorporating downtown wayfinding and signing elements
  • Private utility upgrades by others may also be included

These improvements are planned to be assessed to benefitting properties in accordance with the City’s Assessment Policy.

What does a reconstruction project look like?

To learn more about the work that takes place during reconstruction projects watch our informational video “What’s Under My Street?” here.

Project Background

In 2014, a Downtown Master Plan was created for the City of Waconia, to provide a framework that would help city leaders and other stakeholders revitalize downtown Waconia, physically and economically.

This plan aimed to:

  • Improve and increase parking opportunities in critical areas
  • Develop a unique identity for downtown Waconia through signage (wayfinding signs, monuments, branding), streetscape treatments (lighting, benches, landscaping), and site amenities
  • Create a more pedestrian-friendly experience
  • Re-establish Lake Waconia as a public destination that is easily accessible from the downtown

The Waconia Downtown Reconstruction Project will include many of the improvements identified in the Downtown Master Plan.

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