CSAH 56 & CSAH 38 Improvements


Project Overview

CSAH 56 & CSAH 38 Improvements

Project Need

The City of Long Prairie is undertaking a construction project to improve the city streets and utilities. The project includes reconstructing the streets and replacing sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer infrastructure.

  • The 2022 construction area includes CSAH 38 (2nd Avenue SW) and the adjacent city streets.
  • The 2023 construction area includes CSAH 56 (Riverside Drive).

Project Updates: 2023 construction is underway!

Posted August 30, 2023

Paving Notice:

Street paving on Riverside Drive is scheduled for September 5 and 6, weather permitting.
Residents will be able to drive on the new pavement after it is placed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions or concerns during construction, please call Wayne Duhoux at 320-204-9430.

You may view the official paving notice here.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation throughout the process of improving
your street and utilities!

Construction continues. The anticipated schedules for each project area are:

CSAH 56 / Riverside Drive Project area

  • The underground utility replacement is completed.
  • Grading and construction of the gravel base for the new road on the south end of Riverside Drive is underway.
  • Concrete curb and gutter will be installed from Fairview Avenue to the north end of Riverside Drive. This is planned for August 23 and 24. Concrete driveway aprons behind the new curb are planned to be constructed after that.
  •  Bituminous paving is planned to occur the week of September 4.
  •  Grading, topsoiling and seeding would occur after that.
  • The Fairview Avenue intersection is planned to be closed for paving operations on September 6. This date may change due to weather or other unforeseen delays.

CSAH 38 Project area

  • The majority of work in this project area is completed.
  • Re-seeding will occur where necessary this fall. In the meanwhile, please mow the seeded areas, with your mower deck at its highest setting, to keep weeds from becoming established.
  • In areas where the new grass is growing well, please continue to water. The City of Long Prairie encourages all residents to have clean and well-maintained yard. This includes watering and upkeep of grass. This is especially important in the areas affected by this project. The seeding in last year’s project area has been completed and grass is starting to grow. When it’s dry, the City of Long Prairie highly encourages all residents to water their yards during this time. The city pro-rates your sewer bill to allow for additional water to be used during the summer to maintain your yard; the sewer rate in the summer is an average of winter months. The city averages the sewer rate in June, July, August and September since it’s assumed that not all the water is going down the drain.
  • Planting trees is completed. If you had a tree planted, you can help it get established properly by watering it. The contractor will also be watering the trees occasionally.
  • The asphalt pavement that was placed on the road last year is showing issues in some areas. Testing has been underway this year to determine the extent of the issues and the corrective action needed. The top layer of pavement will be constructed after the testing and corrective actions are completed.
  • 1st Avenue SW in front of the lumberyard is planned to be raised up and rebuilt. This is planned to occur in mid-September.

Commerce Road

  • Culvert replacement and the first layer of pavement are completed.
  •  Ditch grading and the top layer of pavement construction are planned for September, followed by topsoiling and seeding.

1st Avenue S

  • The pavement has been ground up and will remain in place as a temporary driving surface until paving occurs. Work in this area is planned to resume mid-September.

Alley between 1st Ave S and 2nd Ave S

  • The alley between 1st Ave S and 2nd Ave S, half a block east of Highway 71, is planned to be improved by replacing the storm sewer and reconstructing the alley pavement. This is planned to occur mid-September.

For more information review the most recent project newsletter.

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