2024 Beaumont Bluffs Fourth Addition

Project Summary

  • The Fourth Addition of the Beaumont Bluffs housing development is underway west of Aberdeen Avenue, north of CR 66 (Old Hwy 169), and along Beaumont Boulevard.
  • Construction of the fourth phase (summer 2024) will be concentrated in the east/central portion of the development.
  • The fourth phase will include 39 new lots.
  • The full development will be split up into seven phases with one phase being constructed per year.
  • The development will have various different home types available including twin homes, villas, and single-family homes.
  • Full buildout will include approximately 380 new homes.

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Project Contacts

Luke Wheeler, Assistant City Engineer (Bolton & Menk): 612-597-9105 or

Mike Waltman, Jordan City Engineer (Bolton & Menk): 952-890-0509 or