2025 – 2027 US 169 / Hwy 282 / CR 9 Interchange

Project Layout

Project Background

The City of Jordan, Scott County, and MnDOT have long desired improvements at the intersection of Highways 169, 282, and CR 9. Over two decades ago, discussions between agencies began to identify appropriate improvements for the area. Over 25 unique concepts have been developed.

In 2018, the City of Jordan led a Concept Design and Consensus Building regarding the intersection. The process involved formation of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) made of Jordan, Scott County, and MnDOT as well as three Jordan City Council members. The purpose of the TAC was to understand individual agency perspectives and to gain insight relative to key issues or perceived impacts, discuss potential mitigation strategies to minimize negative impacts, and identify considerations that could influence the study outcome. The TAC met several times to review existing deficiencies and build consensus around a shared vision for improvements.  The process involved traffic engineering, conceptual design, and public engagement to enhance existing and create some new layouts for the intersection. These layouts were critiqued by the TAC based on numerous factors and an evaluation matrix with detailed report were produced to document the alternative considerations. The TAC group successfully worked in a collaborative and cooperative manner to ultimately develop a process for the next steps toward implementation.

Project Summary

The Concept Design and Consensus Building Process yielded valuable results toward progress. A layout for the new interchange was approved by MnDOT and Scott County in July 2023. The City has been supportive of the layout and is anticipated to take action regarding it in September. The interchange is planned to have Hwy 282/CR 9 traversing over Hwy 169. A northbound on ramp accesses Hwy 169 from Creek Lane, rather than from Hwy 282, as has been considered historically. This change allows preservation of existing, tax generating commercial space occupied by Holiday, Jordan Wine & Spirits, and Caribou Coffee.

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Project Documents

Project Contacts

Tom Nikunen, ICMA-MN is the Jordan City Administrator.  He can be reached at (952) 492-2535 or

Mike Waltman, of Bolton & Menk is the Jordan City Engineer.  He can be reached at (952) 890-0509 or